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Marble Mountains of Carrara, Italy

Our story began over 30 years ago with a single workshop, nested among the majestic marble mountains of Carrara, Italy. Throughout the decades, our traditional family firm evolved into an innovative, global natural stone supplier, but our values remained simple – quality, dedication and passion are present in everything we do.


At Stalgi, we believe in materials and relationships built to last. As highest quality, natural stones will last a lifetime, we don’t hesitate to dedicate the time necessary to assist our clients. Offering personalized solutions that meet the budget, we’re looking beyond mere practicalities, seeking to bring clients ingenious and unconventional ideas and contribute to the creation process. Whether it’s subtle a stone finish to set the stage for other features, or a dramatic “showrunner” stone to act as a focal point of the project, we’ve learned that skilfully < selected stones have a unique power to bring architecture to life.


Our genuine appreciation for natural stones and utmost dedication to every single client can be measured with our diverse portfolio of complex and sophisticated projects such as hotels, residential housing, shopping malls and airports.


With a demanding clientele spanning four continents, we perfected our delivery process to ensure we can meet international standards and tight deadlines every time without compromising traditional Italian craftsmanship.


Praised by a wide range of customers, including members of royal families in Qatar and Dubai, we have a rock-solid confidence in our ability to take on any project: from modest to monumental.

We thrive on discussing new project and will be delighted to advise you no commitment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our stone experts today.


Nessuna idea che non può essere espresso in marmo. / There is no idea that cannot be expressed in marble. (Michelangelo)

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