Stalgi - Natural Stone from Italy - worldwide projects | The Process
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Science meets art in pursuit of timeless elegance

As nature’s creations, no two blocks are the same and the stone quality can vary greatly. Our mission is the pick the absolute best. Thanks to our meticulous material selection, our stones will dazzle in stunning settings that last a lifetime.


At Stalgi, we personally oversee the processing of our natural stones from quarry to its final destination. All of our Italian materials are not only locally sourced, but also processed by masterful craftsmen, taking pride in the “made in Italy” trademark, which stands for invariable quality and everlasting style.


As craftsmen at heart, we aren’t afraid of innovation and continue to improve our processing technology, matching and exceeding the strict expectations of the global industry. With expert skills supported by state-of-the-art machinery, we handle projects from personal to industrial and multi-site developments.


We continue to look to future of natural stone manufacturing, creating new ways to offer unmatched quality at an affordable price.


Constantly evolving to offer sought-after solutions, such as bespoke textures and exotic international materials, we know no two clients are alike. Contact us and find out how we hand-pick exquisite natural stones to match your project perfectly.